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Hey Fellow Entrepreneur! Thank you for inquiring about my product photography services and more. If you're here, you're likely taking the next step in launching your product and preparing your listing for eager customers, or perhaps you've ventured into e-commerce on your own and now seek to supercharge your online presence. Welcome to a world where your e-commerce dreams transform into vibrant realities!


Whether you're a dedicated stay-at-home mom or a determined family entrepreneur who's navigated the intricate waters of platforms like Amazon, Shopify, or Etsy, you've found the right place. I'm Jenn, and I've personally embarked on the e-commerce journey, successfully launching two brands that reached $100K in sales within their first six months. My passion lies in empowering small businesses, particularly those led by stay-at-home moms and family entrepreneurs. Since 2021 I have collaborated with over 40 budding enterprises, helping their products come to life on the virtual shelves of Amazon and Etsy. My services are customized to make you stand out in the bustling e-commerce arena. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or in need of comprehensive support, I'm here to turn your ambitious dreams into spectacular realities. I offer on-white product photography, lifestyle photography, branding assistance, social media images, infographics, A+ content creation, build storefronts, and offer video as well! Together, we'll uncover the "how can I" that propels your business to greatness.




Starting at $375

Every product has a unique set of photography needs from simple on-white photography to more complex lifestyle scenes. Photography is the face of your product and your brand! I will help you achieve it all!

Shooting content


Starting at $399

Nothing elevates your listing better than a video! I offer a wide variety of videos from influencer style unboxing to eye catching stop-motion, explainer videos, and more. Let's chat about your specific product's needs!

Pine Pencil Infographics_Orange Carpenter Pencils with Superior Design.jpg

Graphic Design

Starting at $60/Design

Sometimes a product listing requires more than just a photograph. Whether you need help with infographics, A+ content, story brand, or storefront graphics I am here to help from simple to full on branding!

Creative Director Services


Unlock Your Amazon Listing's Full Potential with Our Creative Director Services!


As your Creative Director I will conduct a market analysis of your product based on five of your top ranked keywords on amazon, review competition, as well as look at market trends off amazon. Based on this analysis I will develop a recommendation list across various visual aspects of your Amazon listing; including photography, infographics, brandstory, video content, and A+ content.  We will present our recommendations and work with you to tweak those recommendations to best fit your budget. This will save your hours of time and give you confidence that you are putting your best foot forward when launching your product on amazon. 

This service does not include any photography, videos, or graphic design work, but rather the frame work needed to get those complete. 

We are passionate about helping you succeed in the highly competitive world of e-commerce. By leveraging our Creative Director Services, you're not just a client; you're a partner in our journey toward your Amazon success.


Fill out the form below and we will set up a time to chat more in-depth about your product listing needs!

Please note my product photography services start at $375 and my average client spends between $500 (photography with models) and $2000.00 (photography and graphic design needs).

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