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Sessions in Sunflowers

I just returned to Wilmington, North Carolina from Titusville, New Jersey where I photographed one of my family member's wedding at Strawberry Hill Mansion located atop Baldpate Mountain and saw that the sunflower fields in Burgaw, NC are in full bloom! I cannot wait to get out there and photograph some darling children and families out there! So, I am very excited to announce a Pop-Up Session event this coming Thursday, July 20 from 6 PM - 7 PM. I will hold four time slots! Call me or email me and let's talk details!

Last year I had the pleasure of photographing a dear friend of mine's maternity session in the sunflower fields in September. She was 8 months pregnant and stunning from head to toe. The sunflowers in this particular field are a shorter variety which makes it perfect for photographing shortstacks - newborns, toddlers, and young children - but also allows me to photograph teens and adults hiding among all the amazing blooms. These beautiful blooms provided the perfect backdrop to capture her baby bump. She and I consulted in regards to wardrobe and chose a form fitting deep purple maternity dress that hugged in all the right places. It complemented her beautiful figure, skin tones, and sunflower scenery. She wanted to include her toddler into the sessions, so we agreed to do a daytime shoot to ensure a cooperative two year old. Luckily there were a few clouds in the mix that day to cut down on the harsh shadows. I also brought out my umbrella and speedlight to add a pop of light where needed, although the umbrella didn't last long in the wind and came crashing down into the dirt field! We had a laugh and managed the rest of the session with a twisted up umbrella. In the end we were covered in dust, but it was totally worth it!

This was my first time photographing in a sunflower field. I was so excited when I drove down the long dusty road and came upon the glorious gold and orange field of sunflowers. I rushed out the car and bound my way to the rows of flowers, step ladder and equipment in hand. As I got closer to the flowers my heart began to pound - no one warned me that the field would be COVERED in busy bees! I summoned up my courage and hid my fear. I knew the images would be worth it. (FYI - I never got stung and the bees could have cared less that I was there.) I am proud of myself for fighting through the fear and the final images still take my breath away. Such beautiful moments were captured that day.

Book your sunflower session today!

I have 4 slots available for Thursday, July 20 from 6 PM - 7 PM.

OR ask me for additional dates and times slots. The blooms will not be here for long. So don't wait!


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