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A Christmas Adventure in a VW Bus! | Castle Hayne NC

I am so excited to be offering for the first time ever - Christmas Family Minis in a VW Bus! If you asked me a year ago if I would be offering such session I would have definitely not guessed that I would be using a Volkswagen Bus in any of my sessions! This opportunity came so quickly and I just had to jump on it. I was posting in a Wilmington Community page on Facebook inquiring about a vintage Red Truck for use. I was getting little to no responses from the community, until a young gentleman reached out and said he didn't have a truck, but that he has this really cool VW Bus! I seriously could feel the excitement from head to toe as I reached out to him and began the conversation of renting his VW bus for pictures. I immediate started envisioning what my session would look like and buzzed over to all the home good stores looking for Christmas decorations - mind you it was only just JULY! Needless to say I quickly became thankful for the plethora of props I already had and ran home to pull them all out of the attic. My family may or may not have wondered if I was going crazy! I did eventually find some new pieces that I really think pulled the set together. A set of wood bead garland from New River Pottery on Market Street, lambs ear garland from Hobby Lobby, and my favorite piece, a cream and sage macrame wall hanging handmade locally by a beautiful artist, Sea Tied Goods!

My next hurdle was finding a location. The perfect mini session location is one where I can have even lighting for an extended period of time so I may fit in many families in one afternoon. I began contacting farms and happened upon a friend's family farm that I did not even know existed just a few short weeks ago. I approached them with the idea of hosting portraits on their farm and they were all too eager to help! They have a beautiful piece of land just outside Wilmington in the Castle Hayne area. They have a few farm animals, a green house, fields, woods, and even a Pecan tree grove! It is beautiful with a long gravel driveway lined with trees and a cute barn! They grow figs, hops, flowers, and raise chickens. They are hard working farmers on the weekend and techies by day, the wife works as a social media manager for NC Lumber Supply and the husband works at NCino. Both were so welcoming and excited to be part of my Christmas Adventure.

Fast forward to a little over a month later since this dream was born and I have something excited to share with you all - The official Christmas Adventures in a VW Bus Promo Photos!

I would love to see you and your family at our Christmas Adventure in a VW bus Family Mini Sessions on Saturday October 9, 2021! To find out more information please visit this page. Or reach out to me via email at jenn@designsbyjmb,.com

All families will receive access to my free professional styling services to help you find the perfect outfits!


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